FEATURED PUBLISHING | Julie + Mario {OneLove Photography}

Our beautiful bride Julie was featured on the Style Me Pretty blog. Melissa did a stunning job with her very natural makeup and effortless hair for her outdoor garden wedding. We love the pop of yellow everywhere! So gorgeous!




Photography by OneLove Photography
Hair + Makeup by Melissa Hoffmann for PMA

To view more photos of this beautiful wedding and for a full list of vendors, please visit the Style Me Pretty Blog.

Beauty Advice | Client Tested and Approved Cleansers

By Liliana Aranda, LE, COE, Spatrepreneur of FACES Mobile Spa

It’s that time of year—spring cleaning for your skin and makeup has begun! If you haven’t thought about your Spring Skin routine, there is no better time than today. A few notable products for cleansing have popped onto my radar and they are top performers, priced right and easy to purchase via your favorite Esthetician, in most retail outlets or online.

Le Mieux Phyto Cleanser Line. With two formulas, you can’t go wrong for solving dry, combination or oily skin types. Claim to fame: cleanses and hydrates at the same time.

1. Phyto-Marine Cleansing Lotion: “A unique marine-vegetal formulation purifies as it gently cleanses” but it does double duty to soothe and moisturize skin as well. This cleanser, though creamy and rich, benefits dry and combination-oily skin as well since it is an expert at removing environmental impurities and makeup, even mascara. Phyto-Marine Cleansing lotion soothes and nourishes the epidermal cell layers with a protective barrier than is slowly absorbed—much appreciated by skin that tends to feel tight and dry after washing.

6 oz

2. Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel: A spa guest favorite for Oily skin, this “opulent blend of unique, phytonutrient micro bubbles completely removes all surface impurities and makeup,” while preserving the skin’s moisture balance intact. No tightness, dryness or pinching after washing with the cleanser— all skin types will feel clean and refreshed while enjoying the light effervescence and creaminess once moistened. Voted Best Cleanser of 2013 by Spa Professional.

6 oz



Available from Licensed Skin Care professionals and Spas

TecNiche Savvy Solutions for Sensitive Skin. With a complete line of care for Oncology, Sensitive and Anti-aging concerns, there is a product that will soothe and resolve these common issues. Claim to fame: gently soothes redness and inflammation, ideal for sensitive skin types.

Plantae Foaming Wash: “is not like any other anti-aging, sensitive cleanser available on the market,” utilizing eight soothing botanical ingredients proven to reduce redness, inflammation and environmental stress that takes toll on the skin. Peptide from Moringa Seeds purifies and refuels nutrient-depleted skin with its “extremely high, naturally-occurring antioxidant content.” Canadian Willowherb has a viable, non-steroidal activity, which reduces redness and inflammation, ideal for skin that suffers from chronic irritation. Anti-aging benefits come from the Betula Alba Bark extract, which is responsible for collagen production (to strengthen cells) and encourages supple skin. Very few products can deliver anti-aging and sensitive skin promises, but TecNiche has been able to corner this niche market with a variety of products.




Available from Licensed Skin Care professionals

Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. Universally loved by oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin types. Claim to fame: a one-step facial cleanser for all skin types.

Purity Made Simple: an award-winning cleanser, loved for its triple duty that “gently cleanses, tones and melts away all face and eye makeup” without needing a separate makeup remover. Fans of this product say it works with their electric facial brush and requires no moisturizer afterwards. Those with hypersensitive skin will find TecNiche to be less reactive than Purity, but this cleanser has won over fans worldwide for its Meadowfoam seed oil—a natural oil that lightly hydrates the skin to leave it comfortable, not pulled or tight. My favorite trick: use Purity to clean my makeup brushes, sponges and cosmetic cases.

purity made simple
Available in department stores, Philosophy stores and online

Alba Natural Hawaiian Facial Cleanser. An inexpensive, but effective cleanser for most skin types. Claim to fame: a pore purging pineapple enzyme-based cleanser.

Alba Natural Hawaiian Facial Cleanser says, “Awaken your a-glow-ha” with a refreshed and radiant complexion cleanser that most skin types will enjoy. Exfoliating pineapple and skin-brightening papaya enzymes (Bromelain) dissolve pore-clogging impurities, makeup and dead skin that causes dullness. Soothing Aloe, hibiscus flower and passion flower provide much needed refreshment to soothe and balance oily and combination skin types. Mature skin types like the gentle exfoliating quality that doesn’t involve harsh scrub particles or more aggressive ingredients. Fans of this line claim it “is as you would expect, like pineapples with a bit of a citrus clean following it.” With earth-conscious packaging, “it is light years beyond other brands in attempting to be truly green. Best of all no Sulfates, Parabens, or phthalates” for those with sensitivities and a conscience.

Pore Purifying Pineapple Enzyme

Alba Botanica

Available in most drugstores, health food stores, and online.

PMA Presents: The Product of the Month Project

By Lindsay Skog
PMA Associate Artist + PMA StyleTV Correspondant

When it comes to trying new products I am a glorified junkie. Sometimes we get set in our ways when it comes to our hair and makeup but I love switching things up and trying out new products. The Product of the Month Project is a fun way for me to share my love of products with you as well as my experience with new products.
March Product of the Month!
Paul Mitchell Worked Up *****
Worked Up®
I fell in love almost instantly! While each hairspray has its own special purposes this bad boy has some awesome qualities and stands to be one of my most favorite products to date. 
In a nut shell: This is a light weight working spray that helps keep the memory of your curls while adding shine and bounce. Whether you are creating an updo or trying to keep fly always under control, Worked Up is my go to styling spray! It smells delicious, light and fruity, and it doesn’t cause any crunchy build up in the hair (which is a major plus). I will also use it on day two curls to liven and refresh my ends. I use just a few sprays and some scrunching and I’m out the door! 
photo courtesy of: www.paulmitchell.com
Please comment below on your favorite styling product or let me know if there’s a product you would love to know more about.
In Beauty and Kindness,