Client Review | Jamie

Dear Maria,

Now that Darrin and I are finally settled and unpacked in NYC, I can write you the thank you that you deserve. 🙂

I remember when I first met you at my engagement session – I was stunned when you rolled in all of your gear and unpacked everything; I felt like a movie star before the glamming up even began!

Fast forward to our wedding day – not only did I receive the same treatment, but you did so much more than I ever could have imagined. The day truly would not have run as smoothly as it did if it weren’t for you. You touched up the groom, helped me countless times with my dress, did the fastest hair change ever, kept me calm, helped myself and the bridal party during pictures, protected me from 350 guests coming up to me during picture time, and sooo much more!!!

In all seriousness, because of you, I have never felt as gorgeous as I did on my wedding day. I rocked a hair style I never thought I could (and felt comfortable doing it), and my perfectly done make up lasted through the sun, tears, and dancing. I still looked and felt like myself, just more glamorous! I was actually sad to wash everything off at the end of the night.

Thank you again a MILLION times over for being such a wonderfully fun and easy person to work with and for perfecting our wedding day!!! Although, I tried in this email, I don’t think I will ever be able to fully express how big of a role you played on our day. I am definitely going to send everyone I know who is engaged your contact number ;).

We wish you all the best!! Let us know if you’re ever in NYC, and we’ll take you out for some good eats.



P.S. Please send Mauricio our thanks as well. I remember while we were getting ready, he was snapping photos of the bridesmaids WHILE handing you bobby pins! Too funny :). He also kept me calm when everyone left to line up for the ceremony! Thanks again Mauricio!!!


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Tami’s Review…

Dearest Maria,

This e-mail is LONG overdue, but I am glad that I have finally found the time to sit here and properly thank you for being such an integral part of our wedding day.

What can I say, except, it wouldn’t have been the same without you!!! You were, by far, the MVP of our wedding!! I can’t tell you how many people in our bridal party and families came up to us and asked us who the woman in the toolbelt was 😉 You were such a superstar. Not only were you the hair/makeup person, you became the default wedding coordinator. You helped us pose for photos, lifted my train when it needed to get picked up, led the way through the crowd, and overall, just made the day flow so much more smoothly.

And that was all the OTHER stuff. I haven’t even talked about the reason for which you were hired — hair and makeup — which was just absolutely phenomenal. I felt like a movie star!!! You were able to make me look and feel so beautiful, and yet, I still felt like I looked and felt like “me.” Thank you, thank you, thank you, for getting to my room in the wee hours of the morning (6am!) to transform me, my bridesmaids, and my sisters into wedding hotties 😉

I really cannot adequately express how thankful and HAPPY I am that you were there for our wedding day.

You were also sooooo easy to work with and get along with, and it made for a really fun day!!! It was obvious that you knew how important this day was for me and Brian, and you made sure that everything just went our way 🙂 So for that and everything else, WE THANK YOU!!!

All the best,



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Karla’s Review…

Hi Maria,

How are you? I hope all is well. Yesterday was my first day back to work and am now just starting to get caught up. I just wanted to say “Thank you” to you and your team for what you all did for me and my bridesmaids on my wedding day. You and your team were so helpful and I can’t imagine going through that day without you.. The service you provide is like no other, you do so much more than what one would expect a hair and make-up artist to do. There aren’t enough words that can express how grateful I am to you and your team. You put me at ease, made me feel comfortable, and more importantly made me feel beautiful (I never say that). I saw the pictures that Ann posted on her site and I know I would not have looked like that if it wasn’t for you. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received that day. You were able to create a look that was timeless and elegant. I’ll look back at my wedding pictures 20, 30, 40…years from now and I know I’ll still love the way I looked that day. I absolutely loved how I felt that day and I know I owe that to you. Just thinking about my wedding day brings a smile to my face.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you…thank you…thank you!!! I can’t say it enough! You are so talented and I hope to work with you again sometime in the near future.


P.S. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. You were worth every single penny!!!

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Thank you! from Jazelle…

Dear Maria,

I just wanted to express my heartfelt THANK YOU for all you did on our wedding day. You made me look and feel so beautiful, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I received all day. You did such a fantastic job on my hair and makeup, and I felt flawless! (I never feel flawless!! Haha). Your assistant also made my bridesmaids look so beautiful too! You trained her very well! 🙂

I also wanted to say thank you for all the other things you did that day that did not go unnoticed — from touch-ups to arranging my dress for pictures to re-doing my bustle… You knew what to do for anything and everything. I will be eternally grateful!

Thank you again, Maria! I will definitely recommend you to all future brides! Best of luck in all your future endeavors!


Diane’s Review…

Photo by Lito Sy

I know I would have regretted it if I didn’t hire Maria for my wedding. She’s AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I am truly amazed with this woman. She knows what I want and what will look good on me, even before I realize it. It’s unbelievable!

During the trial, I showed Maria pictures from magazines that I like, but I wasn’t sure if the “look” suited my features. She listened to me and suggested ideas on what she thought would look great. She was really committed to creating the perfect wedding look for me. I felt that she truly cared. Maria’s suggestions turned out better than what I had in mind (or what I initially wanted).
On the day of the wedding, I completely trusted Maria to do her magic and I never looked and felt my best! My family and friends were all complimenting my hair and makeup that day. I was soo happy with how they turned out, both in person and in ALL my wedding photos.
Maria’s extra services make her stand out even more from the rest. Here are some of the things she did for me:
– stayed with me until after our post-ceremony photos for touch-ups and to make sure that my hair was not being messed up with my veils (i had two – one drop veil and one long veil at the back)
– carried and took care of my super long 10ft train and my even longer veil
– hairsprayed my dad’s messy hair- made sure my groom is oil-free during the post-ceremony photos
– taught me how to hold my bouquet while walking down the aisle – taught my parents how to lift my veil before handing me to groom
– helped gather people during the formal post-ceremony pictures
– assisted my photographer in getting great photos- gave medication to my maid of honor since Maria noticed that her skin is turning red with the dress beads scraping against her skin – took care of me the whole time and was there if I needed anything like water, etc.

She has done so much and I can’t stop raving about her. She’s amazing and exceptional in what she does, yet is very down-to-earth, accomodating and a true professional. She definitely played a huge role in making my day special. I’ll always be thankful. As my husband would say, “What will we do without Maria?”

Helena’s Mom Review…

When my daughter, Helena, told me she wanted to employ the services of one who could not only do her hair for her special day, but also her makeup, my initial reaction was, yes–I understand the hair, but no, I think the makeup is really excessive. Fortunately, her will prevailed.
My daughter never looked so beautiful. I was stunned when I saw her walking toward her groom, Andy. I had left Helena to Maria for all the preparations that morning, so I really didn’t know what to expect. What I saw was a young woman whose natural beauty was enhanced–not artificially, but subtly. Her hair was softly curled and flowing, with part of it swept up; Helena looked somehow regal yet radiantly accessible, like a girl yet like a woman. I started smiling and just couldn’t stop–this gorgeous creature was my daughter! Maria had used her makeup artistry most expertly to highlight two of Helena’s best features, her fair skin and her large blue eyes.
Maria, however, did much more. She was quite simply a part of the wedding party with her quiet charm. She saw even the smallest of details. For example, during the photograph sessions, she darted in and straightened my pendant, which has a habit of sitting sideways. She unobtrusively assisted Helena with her train, her veil, her flowers–and she even dabbed her eyes for her when Helena had no hands to spare.
Maria, furthermore, behaves like one who really LOVES what she does. Throughout the day, I felt that we were the only people on her mind. She was quietly professional yet personable, helpful yet not intrusive. This on top of absolutely amazing work.
Moms, if you are debating on whether you should pay the money for Maria’s expertise, I tell you with great conviction that you will come away feeling as I did–it was worth every penny and then some. I am looking at a photo of my daughter as I write this. Yes, it was worth it. Cut back on the flowers, select more modest food offerings, but get this young woman to do your daughter’s hair and makeup. Every time you look at the wedding photos, you will be grateful.
Ines Eishen, a Texas mom

Charlene’s Review…

I could not have been more delighted with my hair and makeup artist, Maria Chang.

As soon as I hired Maria and her company, Professional Makeup Artistry (PMA), for my wedding on April 12, 2008, I knew I would be in good hands… and I was. Maria is definitely so much more than a phenomenal hair & makeup artist, her additional PMA services set her miles apart from everyone else.

This is a ridiculously long review, but I almost can’t express enough how helpful and wonderful she was to me…and I was not the only one who noticed. My bridesmaids were asking me where I found her. My dad mentioned she was “well worth it” – he simply said that he could just tell that she really cared. My mom already loved her at our first meeting at my trial. She not only loved her own hair & makeup on my wedding day, but was very relieved that Maria was the one to help me in my dress, because she knew Maria would get it right. Mostly, my mom was just appreciative of how well Maria and her assistant, Tanya, took care of me.

Finally, my husband went from not understanding the cost of hair & makeup at all pre-wedding, to saying post-wedding, how great Maria was and what a great deal she was! Maria really makes you look and feel as beautiful as you can be on your wedding day. Our day started at 9am (earlier for her, since she came from Oakley), and she was with me all through the photo session, through the ceremony, until right before the cocktail hour at 6pm.

Among the many things she did for me that day, she touched me up constantly, she carried my train everywhere, she made sure I stayed hydrated, she showed me how to hold my bouquet in pictures, she taught my dad how to lift my veil, and she put blister medication on my feet (if that’s not dedication – I don’t know what is!).

I loved her whole team – they were just fun to have around, which made things more relaxed for me. Maria brought the lovely Sue with her to do hair & makeup too, due to the number of my ladies getting services done. Tanya, her tiny assistant, was so helpful as well – I could not believe such a small women could carry such a huge backpack with her everywhere! My husband said that backpack was like magic, it seemed to hold anything we could possible need.

Finally, not only did Maria deliver her services with perfection, she was one of the most professional wedding vendors I worked with post-wedding. She returned phone calls/emails promptly, her contract was solid, she confirmed when she received payment, and she told me exactly what she needed me to do to get ready for the trial and the wedding. She did all this with a sweet demeanor and a smile. To me, this is what a true professional is. I can honestly say Maria was my absolute favorite wedding vendor. I miss her already!

This photo was taken by the father of the Bride;
he took great behind the scenes pics!

Nicole’s Review…

Maria Chang, the genius behind Professional Makeup Artistry (PMA), is nothing short of unbelievable. She is so skilled at accomplishing stunning bridal transformations that she could easily have her own reality TV show, and this is exactly how you’ll feel if you book PMA–it is an experience like no other! If you have any room to splurge on your wedding day–and frankly, even if you don’t–I can’t recommend Maria’s work highly enough. Maria’s skill will make all the difference in the world, particularly as you reminisce over your wedding pictures for years to come.

Why professional hair and makeup?

First, I would like to say a few words about my decision to choose Professional Makeup Artistry. I was referred to PMA by our extremely talented videographer, Alexa Lee, who knows Maria personally and has nothing but the highest of praise for her. Although we have a bunch of “extras” planned for the wedding (letterpress, specialty lighting, etc.), it had never occurred to me to hire a makeup artist: I’ve been styling myself for as long as I can remember, and it seemed like an unnecessary expense.

But then I got to thinking. First, Maria’s expertise is doubly valuable, because she does both hair and makeup beautifully: from down-dos to complicated up-dos, she specializes in classic bridal styles that look timeless on camera but can be very difficult to achieve on one’s own. As long as I was planning to get my hair done, I reasoned, why not makeup, too?

It is worth reiterating here that PMA’s styles are specifically bridal. Maria achieves a level of sophistication that is perfect for creating a special wedding-day allure. For example, you would never mistake one of her beautiful bridal creations for a prom hairstyle, which can often be the case with other, less gifted stylists.

Second, Maria does hair and makeup for the camera, and her experience far predates her entry into the bridal industry. I started to consider how much we had invested in photography and videography, and realized that–no matter how well I could do my own makeup–it only made sense to hire somebody trained in doing hair and makeup for the camera, and who was also skilled, at the same time, in making the bride look beautiful in person.

After all, at no other time of my life will I be so heavily photographed. And I quickly came to see, as I tracked down reviews online, that hiring PMA means leaving nothing to chance: on the wedding day, Maria devotes herself tirelessly to the bride and bridal party, helping to make sure that all of the photos turn out fabulously. In addition to her flawless portfolio, what better endorsement could there be? I was sold!

Why PMA in particular?

Although my wedding is still a few months away, I recently visited Maria for my trial consultation. Maria lives in a beautiful home where the stunning and immaculate furnishings clearly reflect her bridal aesthetic: everything is very elegant, opulent in an understated way, and thoroughly pleasing to the senses.

Visiting Maria is like heading off to a luxury resort, combined with an afternoon of pampering at the spa. Although my appointment was scheduled for 10-1, a somewhat awkward time slot, I was by no means expecting the delicacies that awaited me. Yet Maria had prepared an array of goodies, from finger sandwiches and cheese and crackers to a delicious pot of jasmine tea. Set against the backdrop of her light and airy studio and its hip soundtrack, I had so much fun I could have stayed all afternoon!

As if this weren’t soothing enough, Maria herself exudes confidence in her work and an extremely personal, friendly reassurance. Aside from one horrible “Glamour Shots” experience when I was much younger, I’ve never had my hair and makeup professionally done, and I was a bit apprehensive about trusting something so personal to someone I had only just met. But as soon as Maria introduced herself, I felt at ease–I knew I would be in good hands with PMA!

The appointment began with a brief consultation. I showed Maria all of the key details of my wedding, from the venue to the flowers, and we spent some time talking about hair and makeup styles and how they would work with my dress. One of Maria’s strengths is that she tells it like it is: I had originally wanted a darker smoky eye, but she insisted that the look I desired was really too harsh for a wedding, but that she would be happy to work with softer, more bridal tones instead. Not being the expert, this was exactly what I needed to hear. The great thing about PMA is that Maria stands by her work and reputation: she will only do what’s best for *you,* even when you’re not entirely sure what’s best for yourself.

After the consultation, Maria rolled my hair in preparation for the up-do and then began with my makeup. As she switched from one to the other, she was always careful to check up on me: Did I need more tea? Would I like something to eat? Was it too cold in the studio? She was truly the perfect hostess and conversation partner–I hardly noticed the time slipping by, and it was 2 o’clock–an hour past the scheduled time slot–before I knew it. But Maria was happy to take as much time as we needed to achieve the final look. I never felt rushed, and even though Maria does bridal hair and makeup all the time, I could tell that she was enjoying herself, too.

When my makeup was finished, Maria moved on to the up-do we had discussed, and–once everything was pinned perfectly in place–she took dozens of pictures from all different angles. This is an invaluable part of the PMA experience: it provides the first glimpse of how you’ll really look both on your wedding day and in the pictures that will live on forever, as it documents the look from every vantage point. This is perfect for tweaking the design here and there, imagining how you’ll appear to your guests as you walk down the aisle, and even seeing all of the possible angles that the photographer and videographer might capture. By that very evening I was able to print out the files Maria had emailed me, much to the delight of my family–and of my fiancé, who couldn’t be more pleased with Maria’s work!

This is Maria Chang’s genius: I can easily and with admiration say that Maria, with her keen eye and impeccable expertise, helped me to look like my best possible self. Importantly, I was still recognizable, but she had worked her magic to enhance my best features, and to create a more formal version of myself in a palette and style that were still thoroughly natural. I was so pleased that I was sure to inquire about the eyeshadow colors Maria used, as well as the brand of false lashes–I look forward to recreating her amazing artistry (as best I can, at least!) on my own. Indeed, I would absolutely use PMA for other occasions in the future, and will recommend Maria to all of my family and friends.

My parents and sisters (aka bridesmaids) were so delighted when they saw the results that their fears about hiring a stylist melted away instantly: my parents had been convinced that it was an unnecessary investment, while my sisters–accustomed to doing their own hair and makeup–seemed certain that they would be more than happy on their own. Not so anymore: My parents are thrilled with the results (my Mom is even considering getting her own hair and makeup done!), and my sisters can’t wait to see their transformations this June.

Final words

Given the expense of weddings nowadays, I can easily understand why some brides might be reluctant to hire additional professionals, especially when their services may seem unnecessary at first. However, investing in hair and makeup design will enhance every other aspect of your wedding, from your own self-confidence as you walk down the aisle and your groom’s awed reaction to your wedding-day look, to the video and photographs you will have for years to come–the only long-term reminders of your exciting day. It is not an understatement to say that Maria’s classic sense of style will help to ensure that your pictures look fresh and sophisticated for generations.

I would also like to stress that Maria’s services come at a bargain. I have been engaged since February 2007, and at no other point in the planning process have I felt so at ease. Of course, after an excellent hair and makeup trial, I have been able to rest complete confidence in Maria. But the beauty of PMA is that Maria and her assistant(s) stay throughout the photo sessions in order to touch up hair and makeup and to lend a hand, all while helping to make sure that your day runs as smoothly as possible. Maria, in addition to having a classic sense of style and an eye for beauty, is also extremely organized and reliable–nothing will go wrong on her watch! Having PMA on scene will be well worth the peace of mind.

I can’t wait to update this review after our wedding–I am definitely looking forward to working with Maria again, and can easily see why so many people refer to her as their favorite vendor. She is friendly and personable, amazingly skilled, and a complete miracle worker! Hiring PMA may very well be one of the best wedding decisions you make.

Esther’s Review…

Everyone who has booked Maria Chang for their wedding rave about her.

I am no exception, however I thought I would give specific examples of the things she and her assistant did for me at my wedding to tell you all why she lives up and surpasses her reputation on being fabulous and amazing.

Her hair and makeup is exceptional but here are the other things she did for me:

1. She’s organized, on time, has her crew ready to go.
2. The makeup and hair she does is amazing, in particular, she has some sort of “magic” touch that keeps my lipstick on all night.
3. She showed me the proper way to dab my tears to not affect my makeup and also gave me advice to think of Janet Reno in a bikini to keep from crying. 🙂
4. She touched up my makeup for the photos my photographer shot.
5. She assisted my photographer is lining up people for formal photos.
6. After the Korean ceremony I was sweating from the layers of clothing I had to wear. She fanned my back and took my nasty sweaty bra from me to put aside! If that’s not dedication and help, I don’t know what is.
7. She pinned all the boutonnieres on all the groomsmen and the corsages on the moms, and re-tied all the sashes for the bridesmaids that came undone when I tied them.
8. Her assistant was no exception, she had a whole tool belt armed with anything I would possibly need, bobby pins, safety pins, scissors, tissue, etc.
9. They both were very detailed. Just to give an example, my flower girl had a dress with a layer of tulle on the outside of the skirt with a satin ribbon that was along the hem. I did notice several months ago that the tulle hung down past the satin ribbon but didn’t do anything about it. Maria and her assistant actually noticed this little detail and trimmed the tulle evenly so it wouldn’t stick out past the satin ribbon.

I had a day of coordinator but she was busy running around setting things up so it was great to have Maria by my side the entire time leading up to the wedding to help with any little details or hiccups. It was absolutely invaluable service. There are so many little stresses and things to worry about on your wedding day, and with Maria by my side I felt perfectly fine. She make sure I looked good for all the photo shots with my photographer as well.

PMA is worth every cent you pay and more. My mom was so happy I booked her and was grateful for her help and her assistants help as am I. It’s the best decision I made as far as booking my vendors!!!

Maria’s Review…

I booked Maria Chang for my May 2005 wedding, and it was the best decision I made. Right from the beginning when I emailed her an interest in booking her I received an immediate response. Since I had booked her 9 months before my wedding we were in close contact with each other. She responded to my concerns and questions immediately.

The day of my trial which was 4 months before my wedding day was awesome. Not only did she make me a beautiful bride, but we had an awesome day chatting about everything!

The day of my wedding, she arrived at the hotel early in the morning as planned and got to work (with her assistant, Camille) immediately on my 6 bridesmaids and then me. ( My bridesmaids all still talk about how awesome , and how on time everything was!) Maria stayed with us until we got introduced at the reception, and made sure that we were all beautiful!!

I think the best story that my husband and I share is after the ceremony, I forgot that I had a train (I was just so excited) and suddenly I realized “Oh my gosh I have a train!” so I quickly told my husband to carry it, he was laughing and said Maria had been there the whole time! She was there for me to help me with my wedding but still allowed me to have that time with my new husband!

Since it’s been almost a year since my wedding, I still recieve compliments about how my bridesmaids and I looked on my wedding day! Saying thank you to Maria and her staff a million times cannot express the amount of gratitude I have towards them. I still keep in touch with Maria today through email, and it is a freindship I treasure.